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Group Tours

Appropriate for tourists and tots, seniors and students, and even experts and ignorami, the Norton’s tour program offers a wide range of topics, themes, and possibilities to enhance your group’s visit. Tours may even be customized for your specific studies or needs.

Over 20 tours create the core of our educational program. Explore American History from the colonial period through the closing of the frontier or see art in the New World evolve from the colonial Limner tradition through to 20th century Post-Impressionism. Gain insight into highlights of our European collection or focus exclusively on 19th century French Art History. The scope and breadth of study is entirely up to you!

Each tour lasts approximately 45 minutes with time for questions at the end.
Guided tours are available by appointment only for groups of 10 or more people. There is no charge for a guided tour. School groups are required to provide one chaperone for every 10 students.

To schedule a guided tour, call the Norton at (318) 865-4201 at least two weeks in advance of a planned visit.

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First Saturday Tours

The First Saturday Tour program was launched in February 2007 as an opportunity to present thematic tours to the general public at a regular intervals.

These tours have explored such serious matters as “Depictions of Native Americans in Art,” comparing and contrasting the evolution of American thought and attitudes towards the continent’s original inhabitants and the plight of female artists in “Great Artists Who Just Happen to be Women”.

We’ve also taken a light-hearted view of our collection with the “Guys and Dolls” tour, which explored the complex (and sometimes comical) battle between the sexes, as well as touring our Antique Dolls and Firearm collection.

We’ve even tackled the technical aspects of our works with the “Painting Techniques” tour, answering the age-old (and often asked) question: How do they do that? We have even offered performance based tours centered around our spookiest art with the Halloween Tour and shared stories of the season with the Christmas tour.

Thought-provoking, chuckle-inducing, and all around good fun, the First Saturday Tours are completely free to the general public every first Saturday of the month at 2 p.m. No reservation is needed, but groups of 10 or more are asked to call in advance.

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Self Guided Tours

For those who wish to see the Norton at their own pace, we offer Self Guided tours. These brochures and a Norton map may be picked up in the lobby or by downloading them.

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