“Culture delivered on a daily basis.” -Steve Porter, Visual Artist

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Special Exhibitions

The R.W. Norton Art Gallery hosts numerous exhibitions and events throughout the year.
We are proud to host both family-friendly community events and events for the 21-and-older crowd.


Dance: A Song of the Body 

Special Exhibition
3 June-24 July 2022 

In the words of famed choreographer and dancer Martha Graham, “The body says what words cannot.” In the special exhibition, Dance: A Song of the Body, we will explore the art form of dance through public domain images and pieces from the R.W. Norton Art Gallery’s permanent collection. From burlesque to ballet, the human body's movement says volumes and captivates the audience with its technique and tone. The pairings of fine art and photographs overcome barriers between style and media, from traditional geishas and elegant ballerinas to modern Martha Graham and risqué cancan ladies. 



Writing on the Wall: A Tribute to European Street Art 

Special Exhibition
3 June-24 July 2022  

Writing on the Wall: A Tribute to European Street Art examines this controversial art form's history and presence in sixteen different countries. Economic turmoil, climatic change, and political unrest decorate Europe's walls and alleyways alongside enormous commissioned murals designed only to be aesthetically pleasing. As traditional definitions of contemporary art in Europe shift and graffiti becomes more mainstream, artists are able to communicate ongoing social, economic, and political, etc. ideas in new ways to a new generation. With graffiti now coming into its own, street artists are finally able to use this subversive approach to express their skills and voices, their universal message moving from canvas to concrete.  


Melodious Masterpieces

Do you hear music when you look at a painting? Does a specific scene touch your heart and make you hum a melody? Well, if so, we ask you to join our amazing social media followers who helped curate Spotify playlists full of the songs they hear when looking at pieces from the Norton's permanent collection.

Be sure to follow us on SpotifyInstagram, and Facebook for more music challenges. 



A Day at the Museum Coloring Book

Welcome to the R.W. Norton Art Gallery's coloring book! 

CLICK HERE to download the full coloring book. 

Once you’ve had your way with the Crayolas, please share your creations with the world via social media, using the hashtag #colorthenorton 

Happening Soon


Twilight Talkies

Friday | June 3 | Leap  

Join us for our Twilight Talkies series on the first Friday of each month! Starting in April and lasting through October we show a family-friendly movie on the front lawn of the museum for FREE!!  Bring your chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie under the stars.  Sing, dance, and have a GREAT time! Local food trucks will be on hand with yummy treats to enjoy.

Movies start at dusk. 

Food trucks available from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Check our social media for a list of trucks.)

2022 Schedule 
June 3: Leap 
July 1: The Sandlot 
July 22: The Little Mermaid
August 5: Sing
August 26: Bolt
September 30: Encanto
October 15: Ghostbusters
November 4: Moana  

No Pets Allowed at this Event

Game Camp

June 7 - 10 and June 14 - 17 | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Join us for our summer Game Camps and help re-ignite some old-school cool as we teach new dogs old tricks.  From Chess to Candy Land, we will spend each day playing classic board and card games.  Game masters will engage your brain as we explore solitary and group games from multiple countries and time periods. So, let’s put down the electronic devices and have some old-fashioned fun. 

June 7-10: Game Camp #1 is for students completing 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade • CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.

June 14-17: Game Camp #2 is for students completing 5th, 6th, or 7th grade • CLICK HERE to reserve your spot. 

Scribes and Scribbles Camp

July 5-8 and July 12-15 | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join us as we explore and transmute art into words. Capitalizing on museum pieces for inspiration, we will use a variety of media to create art, poems, stories, word art, collage, journal writing, and more!   

July 5-8: Scribes and Scribbles #1 is for students completing 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade • CLICK HERE to reserve your spot. 

July 12-15: Scribes and Scribbles #2 is for students completing 5th, 6th, or 7th grade • CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.