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Visitors are encouraged to make use of the museum’s resources at any time. We offer several Self-Guided tour brochures, which are available in the lobby or can be mailed or downloaded in advance. We also have several activity guides for children of all ages. The most popular of these is the "Scavenger Hunt", available both online and in the Fairy Tale Gallery.

Self-Guided Tour Information

For those who wish to see the Norton at their own pace, we offer Self Guided tours. These brochures may be picked up in the lobby or downloaded below.


American Art History

Traces the evolution of painting styles in America from Birch to Bierstadt and beyond
Decorative Arts

Decorative Arts

An appreciation of the decorative arts including our collections of Steuben glass, colonial silver, Cybis porcelain, and Wedgwood
HRS School

Hudson River School

A complete walk through the first significant American art movement from Cole and Durand to Bierstadt and Sonntag
American History

American History

A journey through early American History which includes our Civil War Gallery and the conquest of the West
European Experience

European Experience

A look at significant European works including our tapestries, paintings by Dutch masters, Les Animaliers sculpture, and works by Rodin
Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques

Answering the question, "How did they do that?", this tour explores several works of art and their techniques and terminology
American Sculpture

American Sculpture

Takes a look at great American sculptors, including Borglum, Farnham, Russell, Remington, Saint-Gaudens, and others
French Art History

French Art History

Explores Barye to Barbizons, Romantics to Rodin, complete with French art terminology
Perils of Pigment

Perils of Pigment

Uncovering the artistry and history of color and divulging the dangers of painting
Cowboy Artists

Cowboy Artists

Covering Russell and Remington, but also the works of other significant "cowboy" artists like Stanley, Shreyvogel, and A.D.M. Cooper
French Sculpture

French Sculpture

Explores French sculpture from neo-classical to the Romantic to the Modern using the works of Barye, Dalou, Rodin and others in the permanent collection


An in-depth look at two of America's premier western artists in galleries dedicated to their work

Self-Guided Activities

Sometimes students learn best while they play, which is why the Norton offers these activity brochures. The brochures and their answer keys may be picked up in the Fairy Tale Gallery or by downloading them at The scavenger hunt has proven to be our most popular and will be updated soon.

For Beginners:

Eye of the Artist Photo
Eye of the Artist
Artists must be good observers of the world to paint and sculpt. Develop your detective skills and see and observe as much as you can with “The Eye of the Artist.”
Look What Photo
Look What I Learned
An introduction to the Norton, it offers fun facts, a chance to compare paintings, as well as a tapestry to color and a favorite animal to draw to unleash the inner artist.

For Intermediates:

Scavenger Photo
Scavenger Hunt
Put on your hiking shoes and thinking caps, boys and girls; it’s time for a Scavenger Hunt at the Norton! Are you eagle-eyed enough to find all the elephants in the tapestry? Can you stretch your brain to figure out which painting is the oldest? Come and play (and take good notes!)
Wordy World Photo
Wordy World of Art
A picture is worth 1,000 words, and we’ve got a bunch of ‘em in here! Crossword puzzles, word searches, and anagrams abounding with artsy vocabulary will entertain you and have you impressing your friends with your newfound language skills in no time.

For Advanced:

Meet American Photo
Meet Some
American Artists
It’s time to meet a few of the artists on display in the Gallery. Learn about A.A. Weinman, sculptor, Albert Bierstadt, painter, and John James Audubon, painter and naturalist, through word games and puzzles.
Meet Euro Photo
Meet Some
European Artists
Explore the works and extraordinary names of our European artists! Discover who painted what and where an exotic name might be hidden in the word search. Don’t forget to submit your favorite quote for the “What is the Thinker Thinking?” game.

For All Ages:

Outdoor Scavenger Photo
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
Working in teams, find a plant, animal, or sculpture in the Nortonʼs garden for each letter of the alphabet. The first team to finish their list (or with the most complete list) will win a small prize.

If you have questions, please email or call 318-865-4201 ext. 128.

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