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April 2014  Download/View PDF

Come along with us for a look at our forty acres of grounds and botanical gardens. April always brings an extravaganza of color, headlined by our thousands of azaleas! In this newsletter, youll read about our April tour that takes you outside among the flowers. Youll get a lobster recipe from the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, learn why bunnies and colored eggs became part of our Easter tradition, and so much more!

March 2014  Download/View PDF

Come with us this month as we learn about the role color has played in art, even in the health of artists. We'll see how spring bursts forth this month in our botanical gardens. In our library, don't miss our special exhibit, "Men of Letters". Our visiting exhibition American Still Lifes begins, as well as renovations of our displays that will enhance the story of art throughout the museum. As spring arrives, the Norton has so much to show you, inside and out.

February 2014  Download/View PDF

This month, when February weather may be foul or fabulous, take a tour of our gardens, where spring is already peeking out of the forest dun. The museum is filled with exhibitions and special events, including the last few days of The Art of Environmental Impact exhibit, and the beginning of American Still Lifes. Our First Saturday tour will fascinate folks by exploring Louisiana history through our unique Gray-Blumenstiel Doll Collection and discover how intricate and often beautiful lethal objects can be via the Nortons Rare Firearms Collection. Our Guys and Dolls Tour surveys these disparate subjects. Were still celebrating Christmas in the library. February 1-2 are the last two days for our Christmas In Word and Image, but will be replaced the following weekend with the new Men of Letters library exhibition, featuring literary masterpieces signed by their authors. Happy Valentine's Day! Why not squire your loved one around the Norton in the month that celebrates love.

January 2014  Download/View PDF

This month, plunge into our newsletter for an overview of all the many changes at the Norton. If you haven't visited recently, you'll learn that we have re-ordered the museum for a more comprehensive look at art from antiquities to the 20th century. It'll whet your appetite for a visit! January 4th is a good time to visit to take in our First Saturday Tour, "Rattling Down the Ages": The World of Bronze. Through February 2nd our Research Library hosts "Christmas in Word & Image". Also, read about what's blooming in our winter garden - flowers and berries that stand out in colorful beauty against the minimalist, winter background. You'll also get great tips on planting fruit trees in winter. Treat yourself to a winter weekend at the Norton!

December 2013  Download/View PDF

Come help us celebrate the Christmas season at the Norton, take a garden stroll, and buy a brand new book! In this months newsletter youll read about a book the Norton has just published, I Remember The Difficult Times, a compilation of fifteen stories of Louisianan men and women and their service during World War II, many from the Shreveport-Bossier City area. The stories are based on their interviews with our Oral History Project. In addition, youll learn about our Christmas activities: "A Broadway Christmas" by Shreveport Little Theatre Singers, the Library exhibition "Christmas in Word & Image", the First Saturday Tour: "What We Mean When We Say Christmas. Youll see whats blooming in the gardens, and try your hand at a recipe from ancient Rome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

November 2013  Download/View PDF

This month, come along for a tour of a new special exhibit: "Environmental Impact". Beginning 19 November and continuing through 2 February 2014, this exhibit displays seventy-five works of artists around the country showing the impact man and nature leave on the environment. Family is the subject in our First Saturday Tour: "Images of the Family" on 2 November. In the botanical gardens, fall color is at its peak. In the newsletter, you'll enjoy a feature on 19th and 20th century music boxes, taste an artist's Cheese Hominy Puffs, and learn what's in store at the museum in December. This month and always, we're thankful to have you among our friends. Happy Reading!

October 2013  Download/View PDF

Join us this month on the road as Gary Ford accompanies Vietnam veteran, James Allen Logue, who spent a year in the war photographing his infantry company. Now, the two men are interviewing men with whom Jim served for a book of his photographs we're publishing. Take a stroll in our gardens as the leaves change, learn about the history of Halloween, and enjoy our Halloween Tour, coming on Saturday, October 5, at 2 p.m. Finally, you still have nearly all month (until October 27) to see the special exhibit "Where Will You Travel Next?" Destinations in Paintings from the Kasten Collection. October is a great month to visit the museum-inside and out.

September 2013  Download/View PDF

This month, come along to learn about "The Old Masters at the 'New' Norton" a terrific essay by Everl Adair, Director of Research and Rare Collections. As we continue to reinvigorate our displays, you'll see paintings and sculptures in a new light. The magnificent special exhibit, "'Where Will You Travel Next?': Destinations in Paintings" continues through 27 October. During our "First Saturday Tour" on 7 September, you'll learn about painting techniques. Outside, the last of summer and the first of fall blooms color the canvas of our grounds and botanical gardens. So enjoy the newsletter, and come see what's new!

August 2013  Download/View PDF

This month you'll go on a journey through classical art, where dates of the works include the letters B.C. and A.D. That journey provides up-close looks and background information about our newest acquisitions that rank among the oldest works in our collection. You'll still be able to see the fabulous work in our special exhibit from the Kasten Collection, hear about the trials of military wives decades ago, and learn how to tend your August garden and prepare it for cooler days ahead. Enjoy our botanical gardens this month, then step inside for a cool stroll through centuries of artistic creation.

July 2013  Download/View PDF

Take a tour of the museum with us this month either in person or through our current newsletter. We re-visit the Kasten Collection, with works by artists who were inspired by their surroundings in the east end of Long Island. You'll see our newest acquisitions of classical works, take a walk through American history, and sniff gardenias in our garden.

June 2013  Download/View PDF

In these pages, we travel with Gary Ford, staff writer, and Jim Logue, as they interview Vietnam veterans with whom Jim served and photographed more than forty years ago. Gary and Jim are traveling from Maine to California, Massachusetts to Miami to interview for our Oral History Project and a book we're publishing on these incredible photographs taken in the last major conflict shot in black-and-white. This month we also learn about the tall native trees in our botanical gardens, look at works that explore our American history, and "meet Marilyn" in our "Manly Man Tour." Come join us.

May 2013  Download/View PDF

This month we introduce you to our new special exhibit, on view May 7 through July 7. "Where Will You Travel Next?" Destinations in Paintings presents 32 works of the Kasten Collection of European artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Elsewhere in this newsletter you'll learn about the meticulous cleaning and restoration of our 16th century tapestries, take a tour of our new, permanent exhibit Journey to Modernism, see what's blooming in our botanical gardens and what you should be doing in your own garden in May.

April 2013  Download/View PDF

Spring fills the soft April air on our grounds and in our botanical gardens, where azaleas are usually at their peak as the month begins. In this issue of Around the Gallery you'll learn about exciting things indoors and out. They include a guided Spring Tour, upcoming visit of our new Journey to Modernism galleries, and information about unraveling the mysteries of our tapestries. You'll even discover how to speak the language of flowers. This month, be sure your visit includes strolls both amidst art and across gardens.

March 2013  Download/View PDF

What better month to visit the Norton. As you'll see in our newsletter, we have a new exhibit of our art collection of the American West by Frederic Remington and Charles Marion Russell, while outside, our thousands of azaleas burst into bloom. Our exciting, special exhibit, Guild Hall: An Adventure in Art, remains on view through March 31. It showcases 73 works of art by famous American artists who worked on the eastern shore of Long Island, such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Andy Warhol, and many others. You'll learn about First Saturday Tours in March and April, what's blooming in our botanical gardens, and more. March is a wonderful month to explore inside and outside the museum.

February 2013  Download/View PDF

This month brings us an exciting new special exhibit, Guild Hall: An Adventure in Art. It showcases 73 works of art by famous American artists who worked on the eastern shore of Long Island, such as Jackson Pollock, William de Kooning, Andy Warhol, and many others. Bring your lover along for our Valentine Tour. You'll see works of love and hear love stories of artists and their muses, models, and devoted wives. Elsewhere in this newsletter you'll learn about Alfred Stevens famous painting, The Pink Lady. Also, along for a travelogue by our Everl Adair who sailed along the Danube, and writes of the wonders of Melk Abbey in Melk, Austria.

January 2013  Download/View PDF

January is a great month to visit the museum and our botanical gardens. Forsythia, narcissus and paper bush brighten winter days. You'll also get to spend an afternoon in our new Research Library, looking at rare volumes from centuries past. In this newsletter, you'll learn what you can do in your own garden this month, and what's coming up in February, including a tour for lovers, and the beginning of a special exhibit of some of the finest art in America.

December 2012  Download/View PDF

As November fades, our Christmas celebration at the Norton begins. Throughout the month, you'll see special religious artifacts and hear children singing your favorite carols. Also, in this newsletter, we learn about a tour of Christmas stories, enjoy a feature about our Japanese maples, and learn how to plant azaleas for next years garden. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

November 2012  Download/View PDF

This month we watch Susie Seborg, an art conservator, clean a Roman bust. We learn about patent models, whip up an artist's recipe, look at the gardens through the eyes of garden designer from New York City, and find out what it meant for a family from Ohio to visit and see Papaw's Picture.

October 2012  Download/View PDF

If you enjoyed our "Guests of Honor Weekend" or unfortunately missed it, here is a re-cap of that very moving day when Vietnam veterans gathered at the museum. October brings our First Saturday Tour, "Bumps in the Night". We re-visit the exhibit "In the Shadow of Danger: Photographs of the Vietnam War, 1970-71", which continues through 14 October, and give you a peek of our next special exhibit, "The Curious World of Patent Models", 21 October - 30 December.

September 2012  Download/View PDF

September promises so much! You'll learn about the Norton's newest gallery celebrating the art of 19th-century Europe. It's a beauty! Also, you'll stroll through our exhibit of Vietnam War photography, open through October 14. As part of that event, on September 7-9 we're hosting Guests of Honor Weekend, when two-dozen Vietnam veterans from around the country who are portrayed in these photographs or served in these units will be here at the Art Gallery. We hope other veterans and the general public come out on September 8 to greet the men and enjoy a panel discussion, 365 Days and a Wake-Up: A Year in Vietnam. Take a look at the phlox in our botanical garden, and learn about First Saturday Tours for September and October as well as tours each Sunday in our new Norton Research Library.

August 2012  Download/View PDF

Find a cool place this month, and settle back with our August newsletter that will take you on journeys around the world. In August begins an exhibit we're mounting of photographs of the Vietnam War, taken by a man from Longview, Texas who participated in our Oral History Project. We'll take a look at our new modernism gallery, learn about colorful plants in our botanical gardens this month, and much more.

July 2012  Download/View PDF

Think click when you browse through our newsletter and visit the museum. Were highlighting two photography exhibitions, one that began in June (American Ruins). The other opens in August featuring photographs of the Vietnam War taken by a veteran who participated in our Oral History Project and brought us his archive of 500 photographs. This month in these pages were examining the life of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; taking a tour through our water garden, and, in honor of the Fourth of July, enjoying a recipe for gingerbread from Mary Ball Washington, mother of the father of our country.

June 2012  Download/View PDF

The Norton looks even better! This month, were showing you the new appearance that our lobby area and other galleries sport. Youll want to read the interview with Everl Adair, our director of research and rare collections. Well also preview our new special exhibit, American Ruins, 50 large infrared photographs of places of mystical and mysterious grandeur. Well take a close look at the southern works of British artist Felix Kelly; learn whats blooming in the shade in our botanical gardens; and go on a tour of how art and architecture blend together.

May 2012  Download/View PDF

Spring cleaning comes at the Norton, too. In this issue well point out the new look of many of our galleries, with fresh new wall paint, new floors, and new lighting design to highlight the art and make your visit more enjoyable. Elsewhere, you get a sneak preview of the May First Saturday Tour, Louisiana Journeys, learn about beloved wildflowers (Louisiana irises), take a fresh look at Steuben glass, and more. Come along for the read.

April 2012  Download/View PDF

It's April, a great time inside and outside the museum. This month, you'll read about our new "camps" in which the museum becomes an extension of the classroom for area schools. Our art patrons are getting younger and younger. Elsewhere in the newsletter, you'll read about our 40 acres of grounds and botanical gardens awash in spring color; learn how tourism helped create plein air painting, listen to the story of a woman who served in the Army Nurse Corps in some of the fiercest fighting in World War II; and much more.

March 2012  Download/View PDF

March takes us both indoors and outdoors. On our 40 acres of grounds and botanical gardens, our massive azalea collection bursts forth with thousands of blossoms beneath our tall spears of oaks and pines. Events for the month begin on March 3, when you can enjoy a fun, fascinating tour, Six Degrees of Art History. Youll also enjoy Associated American Artists: Art by Subscription, a new special exhibit opening on March 20 featuring the works of some of Americas greatest artists of the 20th century. At the Norton in March, youll want to combine indoor and outdoor experiences on your visit. Welcome to spring!

February 2012  Download/View PDF

This month, we travel to New Orleans, yet never leave the museum. Emily Meyers, education director, takes you into Norton Square, our new learning place with its indoor live oak trees, boulevards and store fronts resembling Jackson Square in New Orleans. Elsewhere in these pages you'll take a walk through the botanical gardens with its February color, and get tips for your own garden. You'll learn about upcoming First Saturday Tours, hear the voice of a Navy aviator, and leaf through a biblical commentary from 1665.

January 2012  Download/View PDF

January is a good month for walks, both inside the museum and out on the grounds. In this months Around the Gallery, we give you a glimpse of our new Norton Research Library, home of the Norton Rare and Antiquarian Book Collection. Youll learn about the elements of its beauty, when tours of it are scheduled, and how you might enjoy it for reading and research. Also, meet the woman who has touched every volume in the collectionmore than 17,000 of them. We also highlight the great outdoors in winter. You can visit national parks across the country when you amble through the special exhibit, American Legacy: Our National Parks, On Location with the Plein-Air Painters of America, then take a winter walk in the botanical gardens, where theres more to see than you might think this time of year. Inside and out, January is a great time to see the Norton and get to know the gardens around it.

December 2011  Download/View PDF

Come join us in this issue of Around the Gallery for a sneak peek of our annual December exhibition. Christmas: A Journey in Image and Word celebrates the season with displays of religious and secular works of art, all from the Nortons permanent collection. December, youll learn, is also a good time to stroll through our botanical gardens to see some gifts of the season. Youll also read about our First Saturday Christmas Tour, set for December 3; meet Fr. Jason Foster wholl present a history of iconography on December 17; learn more about our special exhibition, American Legacy: Our National Parks: On Location with the Plein-Air Painters of America; and much more. This month, when you make your list and check it twice, be sure to put down a gift to yourself: a visit to the Norton.

November 2011  Download/View PDF

We regret to announce that the South Highlands Tiger Chorus under the direction of Charles Brutus will not be able to appear at the Norton on December 10th as planned. We hope that at some point in the future we can welcome the South Highlands Tiger Chorus back to the Gallery. Please join us at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery throughout the Holiday season for events featuring our Norton Christmas Exhibition, First Saturday Tour: Christmas Tour, and Saturday Speaker Series featuring Father Jason Foster of Holy Nativity of the Lord Orthodox Church.

November 2011  Download/View PDF

Join us in this cool, colorful month as we feature an exhibit delving into the heart of Louisiana legend: 21 drawings by 19th century artist Joseph Boggs Beale illustrating Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's classic,  Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie. In our "First Saturday Tour" we look at immigrant artists in America. We'll also study the work of silversmith Paul Revere (yes, that Paul Revere), stroll through fall flowers in the botanical garden, and learn about upcoming events for Christmas and a new special exhibit on national parks. November begins a eventful winter season at the Norton.

October 2011  Download/View PDF

A few months ago, an intrepid group of 10 students and several dedicated teachers created a new concept in summer camp. In these pages of Around the Gallery, youll learn about our new Norton smART Camp from Emily Meyers, our director of education. Read on, and youll see that azaleas in our botanical garden step up for an autumn encore. Of course, October brings Halloween, when we offer a delightfully spooky tour of the museum. Youll also learn about Edgar Allen Poes The Raven and explore the world of Mississippi ghosts that haunt an artists canvas. Theres much more in this guide to the fall season at the Norton.

Past issues of Around the Gallery (October 2008 - September 2011)

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