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First Saturday Tour
American History Tour
6 July 2013
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

We'll first visit the Norton's central display, Visions of America, which contains works that commemorate or share artists' ideas about America and what it means to them, from America's original inhabitants to the maps used by early explorers and the journals of Lewis and Clark to early settlers and the conquest of the Red River by Captain Henry Shreve to the log cabins and plantation houses that came to populate what had been wilderness.  Then we'll visit Soldiers and Statesmen, making the acquaintance of those influential in the founding of the United States, like Washington, Jefferson, and Adams, as well as those who played a significant role in its growth, including those who opened the frontier as well as those who fought to preserve their ancestral lands.  Finally, we'll spend some time Living in America, seeing what life was like for folks in earlier days and the legacy they left behind.

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